How to Get Back Data after Formatting Pen Drive?

Pen drive is a small USB flash drive portable in different system, used to transfer different data easily. It is very useful to carry different information like images, document, video, application etc anywhere. As it is used in several systems, data loss from it is very familiar. Most of the users lose entire information from pen drive because of formatting at the time of transferring files. However, there are so many applications available on internet to recover data from formatted pen drive, you may not be satisfied with the recovery result every time. If you are worried about how to get back data after formatting pen drive successfully, Get Back Data Recovery application will be most appropriate for you. This software is very effective to retrieve intact information from the formatted drive without any difficulty.

You may lose data from your pen drive after formatting the pen drive unintentionally or forcibly. There are plenty of reasons behind formatting of pen drive, some of which are discussed below:

  • Pen drives are mostly formatted by the user after getting a ‘Format Error’. After connecting your pen drive to a system, you may get an error message saying “Disk on drive is not formatted, do you want to format it?” Then, if you format it to access it, all information will be lost. This type of error message is shown if file system of the drive is damaged. If formatted the pen drive after getting this error, employ this Get Back Data Recovery tool for complete data recovery. In addition, employ this powerful tool to restore deleted videos from Samsung Galaxy 2 phone with utmost ease. To know more detailed information, visit here
  • You can also format your pen drive unintentionally while accessing it on computer. Attempting to format any drive on system, if you accidentally select the pen drive, all information will be lost instantly. Due to formatting, pointer to the files are removed from file system but they remains in their own location. So, if you want to get back data after formatting pen drive, this efficient software will be needed. In addition, with the help of this award winning tool you can restore files after pressing shift delete option bypass Recycle Bin and result in permanent deletion of file from Windows machine. To know more details, visit here
  • Sometimes, formatting of pen drive becomes very important to access it. If the USB drive is infected by dangerous virus, it can make the drive inaccessible to user. Then, formatting operation will be very useful to get rid of this problem. But, you will lose intact information from pen drive. Then, make use of this Get Back Data Recovery software to get back data after formatting pen drive in some simple steps. This reason will be also applicable for memory card, but you can recover all information using this link:

If your pen drive is formatted due to any other reason, no need to worry about it. This software will be equally effective to restore all files & folders from the formatted USB drive. Apart from formatted drive recovery, if you deleted files from your pen drive, this program will be very helpful to restore deleted data.  Using this application, you can recover almost all types of media files, document, application etc. You can perform the recovery operation on FAT, NTFS, ExFAT formatted drive effortlessly. Even, you can use this software to recover data from formatted memory card, memory stick and any external USB disk also. Both Windows and Mac users can employ this software to get back data after formatting pen drive effortlessly. To restore data from hard drive on Mac, you can follow this link:

Note: By making use of this Get Back Data Recovery software you can easliy retrieve deleted files from Photo Booth on Mac computer. to know more information regarding this click on this link:

Steps to Get Back Data after Formatting Pen Drive:

Step-1: Install demo version of this recovery software on your computer and connect your pen drive to it. Then, run this application and select "Recover Photos" option from main window.

How to Get Back Data after Formatting Pen Drive - Main Window

Fig 1: Main Window

Step-2: Here, you have to select the formatted pen drive where you want to perform the recovery operation and then select "Next" option to start scanning.

Formatted Pen Drive Data Recovery - Select Pen Drive

Fig 3: Select Pen Drive

Step-3: After completion of data recovery, all data will be shown in a list. Here, you can "Preview" them before saving.

Recover Data from Formatted Pen Drive - Preview Recovered File

Fig 3: Preview Recovered File

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