Duplicate file are like a cancer for any storage device whether it is your computer/laptop hard drive, iPod, mobile phone memory card, digital camera SD cards or any other removable storage devices. Accumulation of duplicates files is not good for the performance of your computer. It is the problem that most of computer users are facing. Since, these files have a gradual and silent effect; most of us do not grasp the extent of which these junk files are influencing ability of our computers. Like others, I also have gone through such drastic stage but successfully found out the way to get rid duplicate files on my computer. It has become very easy to find and delete duplicate files on computer with the help of third party application like Remo MORE. With such advanced program, user needs to make few clicks only and problem gets resolved automatically.

How duplicate are affecting your computer performance!

Although duplicate files are not like viruses, malwares or any other problem that could make your system very slow or malfunctioning but even these files have their significant effect. Duplicate files can acquire a vast amount of memory space on your computer hard drive and can result in decreasing performance of operating system and other problems. Actually, presence of similar files on hard drive lets operating system to take extra time in visiting disk to search and identify files hence it leads in making computer slow.

When you have a number of duplicate files on your computer hard drive, it may result in throwing kinds of errors especially when computer hard disk is about to become full. Excess of files could also result in fragmentation of files on hard drive and slow down computer performance. Additionally, it is just a waste of crucial hard drive space and you lose opportunity to save data further. For example, suppose you have saved a movie of 2 GB file size on three different drives, so you have wasted 4GB memory space in saving the same file. Therefore, it is not a good deal and you should delete duplicate files from your computer hard drive.

Use a proficient duplicate file cleaner!

In spite of searching each file one by one using search option in your computer. It is better to go with a professional duplicate file finder app like Remo MORE. This program has powerful scanning engine that scans computer hard drive thoroughly and lists out all identical files that need to be erased. You can use this smart tool to find and delete duplicate videos, pictures, songs, PPT, Word files, PDF files and other type documents from different storage media like, external hard drive, pen drive, SD cards etc. This software is highly effective in deleting duplicate items on computers that are running on latest Windows and Mac OS X platform. It has user friendly and easy to use GUI that makes it too easy to search and remove duplicate files from computer.

Steps to delete duplicate files:

Step-1: Install this application on your computer and launch it to open main screen. Select optimize option on main screen then click on "Remove Duplicates" option from the Optimize tab.

How to Get Rid of Duplicate Files on My Computer - Optimize Window

Figure 1: Optimize Window

Step-2: In this step, you have to select "Find Duplicate- Drive" option to initiate scanning on that drive for duplicate files.

How to Get Rid of Duplicate Files on My Computer - Select Appropriate Option

Figure 2: Select Appropriate Option

Step-3: After scanning, a list of duplicate files will be shown where you have to select files for deletion and then click on "Finish" option.

How to Get Rid of Duplicate Files on My Computer - List of Duplicate Files

Figure 3: List of Duplicate Files