Recover Pictures from SD Card without Formatting

"I utilized a 2GB SD card as a part of my Canon camera for my friend birthday party and can't get pictures off SD card without formatting it. If I put the SD card in camera or attempt to load them into the computer, it says you need to format the SD card, which I don't do. I took it to a photograph center and even their system couldn't read it. I know there are pictures in it; I captured them before I expelled the SD card from camera. I am truly in need of these pictures. If you know any solution to get pictures off SD card without formatting, then kindly help me.”

If this is your situation, then try to attempt these things. Put the SD card in different camera, same model and brand, distinctive models, diverse brands which acknowledge the SD card and see whether the photos come up. Insert the SD card in distinctive card reader and connect it to computer, check whether photos are recognized. If not so, then you must utilize Get Back Data recovery software to get pictures off SD card without formatting it. The recovery software can even get back pictures you accidentally deleted from the SD card without formatting the card. Prior to know about this recovery software, let us see some of the common situation where photos can get erased from the SD card.

Common reasons for loss of valuable pictures from SD card are given below:

  • Accidentally you might erased some of your precious pictures while previewing them on either camera or computer
  • Formatting the SD card by mistake will make you lose your sensible pictures and other data present on the card
  • Frequently utilizing the same SD card on diverse gadgets may harm your SD card file system, which leads to deletion of your crucial photos present on it
  • If your valuable pictures on SD card is infected by virus, then those photographs will be erased while checking by anti-virus application
  • While exchanging your expensive photographs from SD card to workstation or the other way around, if any interruption happens then those pictures may get lost
  • Sudden shutdown of system while SD card is still being used, might likewise make you lose the imperative media files (pictures, sound, feature, and so on) stored on the card

The SD cards provide for you an extra storage room for your applications, photographs, and videos on digital gadgets. But this SD cards are extremely helpless against data loss disaster occurred because of assorted reasons. In the event that you are experiencing the above listed or other kind of issues with SD cards, then don't stress. There are several recovery applications available that can get pictures off SD card without formatting and other it can also recover data from formatted drive. To know more details, click this link:  

Get Back Data Recovery is a superb card recovery program that can easily retrieve photos from SD card without formatting it. By using this application you can recover all your computerized pictures/ photographs, features, sounds and other media records from SD cards. This tool recovers pictures from SD cards, as well as recover shift deleted data from Windows 7 system, Notebook, external hard drive, flash drive, thumb drive, memory card and so on. This recovery software can even been used to get back data from laptop. For additional information, click here:

Steps to get pictures off SD card without formating:

Step-1: Download & install this application on your computer and connect the SD card to it. Then, run this program and select "Recover Photos" option from main screen.

Get Pictures off SD Card without Formatting - Main Screen

Fig 1: Main Screen

Step-2: Now, you have to select the SD card from which you want to recover the pictures & select "Next" option to start scanning process.

Get Pictures off SD Card without Formatting - Select Memory Card

Fig 3: Select Memory Card

Step-3: After completion of recovery, you can see the list of recovered data from SD card. Here, you can "Preview" them before saving.

Get Pictures off SD Card without Formatting - Preview Recovered File

Fig 3: Preview Recovered File

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