Most of the computer users get panic whenever the hard disk drive fails or get dead. A dead hard drive only results to complete loss of all files and folders on it and it makes both professional and novice users sleepless. Nowadays, technology becomes very advanced and finds out the actual solution of this problem. If you are facing such problem and thinking about how to get data back from a dead hard drive, here is good news for you. You can restore files from a dead hard drive easily using the smart Get Back Data Recovery software. This utility is specially designed to recover data from on laptop hard drive or other computers in different circumstances.

Your hard drive may be dead due to different reasons and you will lose entire files every time. Let us see some of common reasons for which the hard drive may fail:

Disk Boot Failure: Boot failure mainly occurs when the operating system cannot find the registry file at the time of start-up. Then, you will get boot failure error message and the hard disk become in accessible. Boot failure may happen due to wrong BIOS settings, infection of boot sector viruses etc. In such case, you can solve the problem by re-installing the operating system. But, there is a chance of data loss from disk. Therefore, employ this Get Back Data Recovery software to get data back from a dead hard drive. Moreover, you can use this ready to use software to retieve data after quick fomat USB flash drive, Pen drive, Thumb drive, etc.

Bad Sector on the Disk: if your hard drive contains so many bad sectors on it, it may get dead. Due to bad sector on disk, you cannot access data from that area. Even, if so many sectors is damaged, accessing of hard drive files become slow and it may freeze. Due to presence of bad sector on the MBR area on the disk, the disk will fail and you will lose all files and folders from it. However, you can get data back from a dead hard drive employing this tool.

Frequent Power Surge: It is another vital reason behind a dead hard drive. When you are working on your computer, if power outage occurs so many times and your system is turned off abruptly, there is a good chance of hard drive crash. Apart from hard drive crash, if file system is damaged due to any reason, then also you will lose entire data. But, no need to worry, Get Back Data Recovery software is always efficient to get data back from a dead hard drive with ease. If you lose data from your external disk, follow this link:

Apart from these reasons, if you end up with complete loss of data due to dead hard drive, you can choose this efficient tool for easy recovery of data. This application can restore all information from SCSI, SATA, PATA, ATA, IDE and any other Fire Wire drives when it becomes dead. Same kind of data loss may happen upon Mac based system as well. To know how to recover files from Mac hard drive after emptying Trash, click on this URL: Even, if you deleted files from hard drive but want to restore them back, then also this application will help you. You can recover files from FAT, NTFS, ExFAT, HFS formatted drive with ease. You can employ this utility to get data back from a dead hard drive on all major versions of Windows and Mac computers. Mac users can use this link to recover data from Mac volume:

If a hard drive become corrupted different symptoms may produce. One of such syptom is drive not formatted error. Get Back Data Recovery tool is designed to handle all such kind of errors. It can effortlessly restore files safely after format error for a number of different storage devices.

Note: If you lose data from hard drive after system restore, then also you can use this application to recover data. For more help, visit

Steps to Restore Files from Dead Hard Drive:

Step 1: Download demo version of this application and install it in your computer. Then, run this tool and select "Recover Drives" option from the main window to recover all data from the dead drive.

How to Get Data Back from a Dead Hard Drive - Main Window

Fig 1: Main Window

Step 2: Here, you can see all the drive including the dead hard drive. Now, choose the dead hard drive from list to recover files & click on "Next" to start scanning.

Dead Hard Drive Recovery - Select Dead Drive

Fig 2: Select Dead Drive

Step 3: After completion of scanning, you can see all the recovered files in a list as shown in the below figure. Here, you can "Preview" those files on the dead drive before saving.

Recover Data from Dead Drive - Recovered Files

Fig 3: Recovered Files

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