Emailing is the fastest mode of communication where you can send your messages around the world within seconds. Via email attachment, users can transfer information in the form of documents, videos and audio files. A common problem, most of the internet users encounter while composing email to send videos files is it’s size. Sometimes users need to send large size video files via email but they cannot do so as email server does not allow to upload or send video file with the size that exceeds defined size limit. In such stage, it is very important to reduce size of video file or break it into multiple parts. This is the time, where we really need to employ file compression technology to compress large video files for email. If you know how to zip a large video file for email, you can easily send video files even when you have internet connection with normal speed.

File compression technology plays very important role when we have to reduce size of large files or to role multiple files in a single file without any loss of information and quality. By utilizing an effective file compression utility one can shrink file size by 50 to 70 percent. Although video files are contained with largest chunks of digital content including audios, videos but when you have an efficient file compression tool, it becomes too easy to compress large video files for email. With such technology users can save disk space to store video files as well as can transfer video files even when users are on a slow Wi-Fi or dial up connection.

It becomes very easy to compress large video files for email when users launch Remo MORE application. It is regarded as one of the best and fastest utility to create archive of large files such as videos, movies, songs, photos, application files and other documents. It has smart Zip option that assists users to compress videos to send them by email. Software has advance data compression technology that perform lossless compression of files without compromising with quality and information contained in file. It allows users to create zip of all popular videos file formats such as MOV, AVI, MP4, FLV, MPEG etc.

Along with the best file compression technology, this tool offers so many advanced features that you can utilize to deal with different issues related to the performance of various devices. For example, you can employ this tool to remove junk data, delete duplicate files, password protect files and different other tasks to enhance performance of devices. With the help of it’s DVD/BD burner option, you can save backup of important data on a disk, create and burn ISO images of disks. Apart from compressing video files to email, you can use this software to make compressed files password protected in order to avoid unauthenticated access to the confidential videos. Remo MORE is very easy to use application that can be operated by professional or novice user without having much technical knowledge. You can download this software free and employ on Windows and Mac computers to compress large size files.

Steps to compress video files:

Step-1: Install this software on your computer and run it to launch main screen. Select manage option on main window and click on "Compress & Burn" option from the manage tab.

Compress Large Video Files for Email - Manage Window

Figure 1: Manage Window

Step-2: In this step, click on "Create New RZip File" option to compress video files.

Compress Large Video Files for Email - Select Create New RZip File Option

Figure 2: Select Create New RZip File Option

Step-3: Here you can add video files that you want to compress before email. A new window will be displayed where you can see the progress of compression operation as shown in Figure 3.

Compress Large Video Files for Email - Compression Completed

Figure 3: Compression Completed