• Regain Data which is deleted by using "Shift + Delete" key combination
  • Rescue data from lost or deleted partitions of hard drive in few clicks
  • Find your lost presentations, spreadsheets, emails, images, videos, etc.
  • Excellent performance in finding lost data on Windows and Mac

With the increase in new automated applications that can implement almost all real life activities on a computer, there is drastic increase in the demand of more space for data storage. Users store their real life data like office work, personal billing information, photos of relatives, favorite movie videos, etc on computer hard disk. Losing this large collection of important data due to any of the reasons such as a power failure, system crash, etc will leave the user worried.

You might have come across a situation like you used "Delete" option for a file to delete that and send it to Recycle Bin folder. But when you looked to restore it from Recycle Bin folder, it was not present in Recycle Bin folder. This has happened because you have deleted a file which is bigger in size than Recycle Bin folder. So the file has over passed the Recycle Bin folder and is lost.

You can repossess this lost file by using get back data recovery software. It works on the principle that whenever a data is lost, only its referencing link gets broken but the data is still present on the memory location and the space is shown empty. So, before that data gets overwritten, you can use this Get Back Data Recovery software to regain it safely.

Let us mention some other data loss issues:

  • Virus attacks: With availability to connect external devices like memory cards, USB drives, etc to PC, there are more chances of virus attack from these devices. This may happen by accidentally copying some virus infected file to your PC. The worst is when you install a virus affected application in your PC; it may even affect your hard drive and you need to format your infected hard drive. To get additional information about how to perform repossession of data from formatted drives, visit http://www.getbackdatarecovery.com/formatted-drive.html
  • Defragmenting errors: Defragmenting is done using Disk Utility application to optimize the disk space. However if a defragmentation process is interrupted by sudden system shut down or by any other reason if it generates a failure notice than the data stored on the drive being defragmented may get lost.
  • Partitioning Errors: While using a third party utility program to resize or divide an existing partition may sometimes cause data loss. Also while repartitioning of your hard drive; a hard drive partition may get corrupt leading to data loss. These portioning errors may also affect file systems leading to corruption.
  • MBR / MFT corruption: While attempting to change the file system from one file system to other, some errors may get generated that leads to corruption of Master Boot Record (MBR), Master File Table (MFT), partition table, etc. Corruption of any one of these will leave you in the situation of data loss.
  • Advantages of using this Get Back Data Recovery tool to regain data:

    • Repossess lost data even after operating system re-installation.
    • Efficient tool to deeply scan and bring back lost data from laptops of all popular brands such as Dell, LG, HP, Sony, Acer, Toshiba, etc.
    • Creates disk image of your hard drive to obtain back lost data which was lost due to bad sector generation.
    • This tool supports you to obtain back data from drives of various file system formats like ExFAT, FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5, HFS+, HFSX, etc.
    • It is also possible to re-claim lost data on Mac by using Mac version of this software. Click on the mentioned link to know more about reclaiming lost data from Mac hard drive: http://www.getbackdatarecovery.com/mac-hard-drive.html

    Some useful tips:

    • Keep a UPS battery backup to avoid loss of data due to power surge problems.
    • Do not unplug external devices without using "Safely Remove" option.
    • Install authentic and updated antivirus software on your system to counter virus attacks.

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    Try the following steps to reclaim your lost data:

    Step-1: Run the software on your PC to reclaim your lost data. From the displayed main screen, choose the "Recover Files" option. From the next screen select "Recover Lost Files" option to bring back lost data.

    Get Back Data Recovery - Main Screen

    Figure 1: Main Screen

    Step-2: Choose the drive / partition from which you want obtain back lost data. And click on "Next" button.

    Get Data Back - Select Logical / Physical Drive

    Figure 2: Select Drive/Partition

    Step-3: Pick the file types you want to obtain back from the displayed screen showing list of various file types. You can choose "Skip" option to skip this step and start scanning.

    Recover Data Back - Select File Type

    Figure 3: Select File Type

    Step-4:Once the scan process is completed, a screen showing all obtained data appears. You can preview the found data by using "Preview" option. For saving the obtained data, activate the full version of this tool by purchasing activation key.

    Data Retrieval - File-Preview

    Figure 4: File Preview

    For Leopard (10.5) and
    Snow Leopard (10.6) Users

    For Lion (10.7),
    Mountain Lion (10.8) and Mavericks Users